Schooner Regatta’s Glorious Days Of Sailing

Schooner Regatta’s Glorious Days Of Sailing

The beauty and excitement of classic sailing at sea is all set to come live once again and this time it is the 17th year the regatta of Great Provincetown Schooner sails starting from Tuesday until Thursday. The sleek yachts, schooners, catboats and reacted sailing ships will reach Cape Cod to be a part of the Atlantic fishing back in Provincetown. It is a 4 day event which would start in Gloucester along with a meeting with the captain for the Fisherman Cup Challenge. This is inclusive of multiple boat races, making best attempts to draw in plain visitors along with sailing fans.

As per the organizers, the regatta provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience on historic vessels not only in port but also at the sea. The event is organized in the honor of sailing history of Provincetown in addition to paying homage to the fishing industry. The parade of sail would be kicked off around 10 30 am as confirmed by Andrews in Provincetown Harbor. This includes a minimum of 25 yachts, 10 schooners and multiple boats of distinct designs. The topmost race will run a course starting from Gloucester to Provincetown commemorating the renowned victory of a schooner of Provincetown Rose Dorothea in 1907 Lipton Cup Challenge race won by fishermen who competed against the ones from Gloucester.

As far as this year’s race is concerned, visitors will get a chance to watch the 66 foot 6 inch model of the vessel which is on display at the Library of Provincetown in addition to the silver victor trophy. The ships will exit Gloucester with a great start from 6 and 7 am. Cape Codders will see the race online prior to the arrival of ships. Thereafter the names of winners would be announced in the evening. There would be a series of races and catboat race would be scheduled for Thursday in addition to other events which includes Long Point Schooner & Yacht Race and Parade of Sail.

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